More Protection from Unwanted Software

Cross-posted from the Google Online Security Blog SafeBrowsing helps keep you safe online and includes protection against unwanted software that makes undesirable changes to your computer or interferes with your online experience. We recently expanded our efforts in Chrome, Search, and ads to keep you even safer from sites where these nefarious downloads are available. […]

Introducing a New Product? Pair It With Old Ones

Last month, Starbucks introduced its take on a “flat white,” Australia’s unofficial national beverage. Along with promoting its new item on its menu boards and on its website (screenshot below taken from the Way Back Machine), Starbucks put its marketing team to work and came up with a new promotion coupling its already popular… [[ […]

6 Mobile App Inspirations for Developers

Consumers can’t get enough of mobile apps, with Flurry Analytics revealing that overall app usage grew by 76 percent in 2014. This is good news for developers who can cash in on the mobile app momentum by monetizing their own apps with advertisements, in-app purchases, premium app versions and more. The challenge, however, is that […]


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