Losing Money With Your Online Marketing? Probably.

:: By Jesse Lakes, GeoRiot :: Over the past decade, global online commerce has grown to become a goliath of an industry, responsible for over $1.23 Trillion in sales last year alone according to Statista. Thanks to today’s new technologies, it has become much easier to reach audiences all over the world, no matter where […]

Email Crowned King of B2C Communication Per New Report

Email has been a mainstay in marketing campaigns for years now. With the relatively new adoption of text message marketing and in-store beacons email has quietly sat back and allowed the newcomers to bask in the spotlight. However, even with more consumer attention being placed on the newcomers, email has remained a powerful channel for… […]

The Rise of the Individual Enterprise

Eighty-four percent of chief information officers (CIOs) count mobile solutions as a critical investment to get closers to customers, and even more (94 percent) rank mobile apps as crucial to their digital marketing plans.  What’s more by 2020, there will be more than 200 billion connected devices in use, which gives Internet… [[ This is […]


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